Theater props, furniture, mics thrown away

A dumpster outside of Galesburg High School filled with furniture from the high school theater department's inventory.

GALESBURG — After District 205 went fully remote and the renovation of Galesburg High School began in 2020, almost the entirety of the high school theater department’s inventory — its furniture, costumes, props, microphones and projectors — was moved out of the auditorium and into two storage containers located in the parking lot.

Now, two years later and as the renovations are near complete, an estimated 50% of that theater department’s inventory has gone missing.

Nancy Dillard, who directed Galesburg High School theater department for the past 17 years and is the new president of Theater Boosters parent fundraising club, provided that estimate and valued the missing items between $10,000 to $20,000. 

Dillard said she believed the theater department has suffered a “total loss” of the furniture it has acquired through the years by district funds, staff purchases and parent fundraising as the missing items include china cabinets, an antique writing desk, a grandfather clock, fireplace mantel, chair sets as well as tech equipment, like 16 head microphones and two projectors. 


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