The Best Garden Furniture Stores To Elevate Your Exterior Space

Reliable garden furniture stores are trickier to come across than you might think. There are lots of factors to consider before you fork out your hard-earned cash on a new piece to amp up your exterior and, whether the shop you’re buying from is actually worth your time has got to be top of the list. We’re talking about product guarantees, free delivery, whether or not your marriage is going to fall apart in the DIY process after the item actually arrives. There really is a whole host of factors at play here. 

Lucky for you, we happen to know a thing or two about what’s hot and what’s not (or should we say who?) when it comes to garden furniture, so we’ve pulled together the 21 brands we think you should shop your new garden decor with. While Bramblecrest garden furniture is often a popular choice among buyers, we’d argue Wayfair are offering a more modern take on the classic wicker styles (for an equally competitive price). See this Meisel sun lounger; with a similar design to the Bramblecrest Monterey lounger but for a fraction of the price at £229.99, you can get a five-level recliner with UV protection that, if you ask us, has a more minimalist and chic feel. 

Elsewhere, are offering buyers the sort of furniture you’d find in sunny Tulum or Ibiza and, in sun-starved Britain, it’s exactly what we need. We love this deep garden chair and, for rattan fanatics, this corner sofa is a MUST.

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What are the benefits of buying furniture from a garden furniture store?

Especially in Britain, weatherproofing is key when it comes to the materials used to build your garden furniture. We’re talking shower proof cushions, waterproof covers and natural woods, like acacia, that don’t absorb moisture and last longer. For garden-specific brands, like Garden Trading, these factors are central to the brand and not an afterthought. What’s more, outdoor specialists offer more variety in their collections, as opposed to a token few items to extend their indoor range.

That said, if comfort is a non-negotiable for you, renowned sofa retailers – like Heal’s – know what they’re doing when it comes to upholstery, and are not to be overlooked in their outdoor collections either.

Calamus Rattan Bench Seat

Our top three garden furniture stores?

  1. Habitat – best garden furniture sales and value for money
  2. Oka – best garden city furniture store, for a more urban feel
  3. – best online garden furniture store

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