OK couple pays local furniture builder $1000s, says store owner ‘ghosted’ them shortly after

OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A metro couple paid a $1,900 deposit to Jameson Brothers Designs almost a year ago, but they say they were essentially “ghosted” shortly after making that payment.

Jarrod Rees and his wife were on the search for a dining room table March 2022. They stopped by Jameson Brothers Designs on Linwood and found the perfect match.

Rees said Jameson Brothers Design showed him a slab of wood he agreed to purchasing.

Rees added he was told the custom table would cost a total of $3,810.10.

“This is great. Sounds great. He [Jameson Brothers Designs Owner] goes, ‘I need half down’ and I said, ‘Not a problem,’” added Rees.

Half would be $1,905.05. Rees locked in the order and paid it.

According to the invoice, Jameson Brothers Design agreed to a delivery date of December 3, 2022.

Come July, Rees said he followed up with the shop’s owner, Adam Jameson, who told him the table was on schedule.

Rees explained Jameson made no indication the shop was closing permanently.

He went back to the shop’s location in September, but Rees said the store was no longer there.

Rees claims to have reached out to Jameson several times via phone call, texting, and email. No word on the table or a refund.

“It’s extremely frustrating and I’ve never been taken before, so this is kind of a first for me, and it’s very frustrating because he seemed very legitimate. It was a very big operation. I’m very, very surprised. I’m actually very shocked that I even had to call you guys,” explained Rees.

Jameson Brothers Designs’ website was still active as of Monday night, so News 4 tried reaching out to the shop’s listed email, but it came back “undeliverable.”

News 4 also tried calling Jameson Brothers Designs’ phone number, but it went straight to voicemail.

As a last resort, News 4 tried calling and texting Jameson. Texts were delivered, but the phone call went straight to voicemail.

We stopped by the shop’s listed location on Linwood Monday afternoon.

News 4 didn’t see the business’ name anywhere around the site.

Online records from the Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office doesn’t list Jameson Brothers Designs as a current tenant for that location either.

The next online stop was the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website to search for a business license.

Even if a license is expired or inactive, it typically pops up. There was no current or out-of-date license listed for Jameson Brothers Designs.

Rees said he has considered taking legal action, but would prefer to resolve this outside of the court.

“Is it worth $2,000 in my time and my expense and all that type of stuff? Maybe. Maybe not,” said Rees.

He said he’s just hoping Jameson will make it right and refund the $1,905.05.


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