Maimoun opens boutique like no other in Los Angeles

On West Third Street, alongside Raquel Allegra, Noodle Stories, Ok and Credo Beauty, the first Maimoun brick-and-mortar space has opened; an adaptation of the online store founded in 2016, in Brooklyn, by founder and curator Mina Alyeshmerni.

Mina Alyeshmerni, Maimoun’s founder

Taking over the former space of the Ragdoll brand, the entrepreneur, based for a longtime in Brooklyn, and for the past two years based in Los Angeles, has finally decided to open her first boutique.
At the corner of Orlando Avenue and West Third Street, just across the street from the brand new Palihouse West Hollywood hotel, the 90’s boutique with its large Art Deco accent windows has been completely refurbished, dressed in white and inspired by the founder’s Persian culture. A real lesson in style, thought out to the millimeter.

“I am Iranian, my parents lived in Iran until 1979, when the Iranian Revolution took place,” explained Alyeshmerni. “They moved to New York, and brought with them a part of their culture, loving to entertain at parties and celebrate their nights surrounded by musicians and poets. An idea of atmosphere I grew up in, a slightly voyeuristic spirit, which I’ve tried to reflect here.”

Maimoun’s first store at West 3rd Street, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Organized around a central table, adorned with cushions and flowers, and shot through with light, Maimoun’s store is not just a store. Alyeshmerni partnered with Persian interior designer and creative director, Niloufar Mozafari, to help design the space. 
“Together, we were inspired by elements from 80’s and 90’s era interior design”, added Alyeshmerni. “And in particular the style of Issey Miyake boutiques that always used raw materials, glass and metal.”

The result is a very graphic, immaculate white space, where two arched and curved walls separate the store in two spaces. In addition, Mina worked with fashion designer James Phlemuns who provided fabric applications, silk organza located throughout the store and fitting rooms. “The fitting-room, covered with veils, is an echo of New York and Soho where I spent many years, inspirations from street scaffolding transcribed here in a poetic way,” said Alyeshmerni.

Maimoun’s store

Elsewhere, Alyeshmerni and Mozafari brought ceramic lighting made by Chloe Park, who designed something special for the space; seating furniture is provided by iconic vintage furniture store Windows L.A, seen in the perforated metal chairs and crosshatch leather stools found in the dressing rooms. 
On the store’s racks, Maimoun has chosen to offer a unique selection, different in places from the online site, a cosmopolitan and diverse mix that reflects Los Angeles’ identity and brings together established and emerging brands from New York, France, Germany or Spain, and also exclusive pieces of designers.
Among the brands represented, those of Puppets & Puppets, the brand founded in New York by Carly Mark; the wardrobe of the Iranian Maryam Nassir Zadeh; the collection of Chinese-born and London-based designer Yuhan Wang; and the brand Anna Isabella named after the French-Danish designer based in Berlin.

Books selection at Maimoun’s store

Little or not represented in Los Angeles, the Spanish brand Maribaudi introduces the handmade and experimental fashion of the Spanish designer Mari Baudi, and her bra tops decorated with mother of pearls adorn the windows of the store. Also surprising are the bleach painted tops by Persian artist Nadair Asghari, a skateboarder in Brooklyn and tattoo artist who uses digital prints and drawings to illustrate his T-shirts.
Other designers include French artist Lucille Thièvre, whose artisanal dresses are adorned with glass buttons made in collaboration with French master glassmakers, and knitwear with melancholic messages by designer Patrick Carroll. Maimoun is friends with Joey Grana, the founder of vintage boutique Scout, and has added a selection designed exclusively for Maimoun. 
Maimoun also has a selection of fine books and magazines. A selection of books ranging from the Ballet by Arthur Elgort, and a nod to the art that Mina Alyeshmerni dreamed of in her early years; another on the French ceramist and sculptor Valentine Schlegel; the Cyber-Feminism Index by Mindy Seu and I’m this, I’m that, I’m the world, a collection of drawings by Iranian artist Rahill Jamalifard, made during the pandemic in 2020.

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