Interiors Home opens in third of 3 key central Pennsylvania cities

Interiors Home opened its newest showroom in York, Pa. on Oct. 21.

LANCASTER, Pa. — With stores already in the Lancaster and Harrisburg markets in central Pennsylvania, all Interiors Home needed was a presence in nearby York.

It checked that box on Oct. 21, opening a 40,000-square-foot showroom at 351 Loucks Road in York.

President and CEO Todd Lehman told Furniture Today that Interiors Home had been looking for a spot in York for a while to go with its stores in Lancaster and Camp Hill.

“We’ve been looking at adding a store in the York market for no less than 10 years. If you look at a map, York, Lancaster and Harrisburg are three smaller metro markets, but it’s only a 35- to 45-minute drive between each one,” Lehman said. “Each market is growing, and they’re growing together. We had two legs of the stool, but we didn’t have the third leg. York was the third leg for us.”

Since York is reasonably close to the other two cities, Interiors Home enters the market as a known commodity. “Our traditional marketing/advertising umbrella already covers that market. We’ll increase our advertising spend but we won’t add any new media because we’re already there,” he said.

The store will bring a minimum of 30 new jobs to the local community and will include specialty shops including a Sleep Gallery, Windows & Walls, a Rug Bazaar and a spacious Outlet Center as well as complimentary design services.

The showroom is in a shopping center in a space formerly occupied by Linens ‘N Things and HH Gregg. Its neighbors include Old Navy and Petsmart, and Lehman said he would love to see a home-adjacent brand move in.

While Interiors Home is now a three-store outfit, Lehman said he would like to get York operating at its best before thinking about branching out further.

“We’re happy with three for now. Our goal is to make these three work well. It will take us one to two years to have this store reaching its potential,” Lehman said. “Our short-term concentration is there, but we’re interested in growing the company to surrounding markets.”

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