Inside an Amazon and Target Liquidation Center: Photos

I visited Everyday Crazy Hot Deals in Bethpage, New York, on three different days to see how the products vary.

The entrance of Crazy Hot Deals in Bethpage, New York.

The entrance of Everyday Crazy Hot Deals in Bethpage.

Aaron Mok/Insider

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Since I went on a Saturday, every item in the store — with some exceptions — was priced at $12. The price gets cheaper as the week approaches Thursday, the day the store gets restocked. Items are most expensive on the weekends once new inventory is added.

Crazy Hot Deals prices

A sign with the daily set prices on a wall inside the store.

Aaron Mok/Insider

The bins weren’t organized by product category, so I sifted through piles of random items mixed together. The most common items I saw were boxes of face masks.

crazy hot deals bins on a saturday (side angle)

The bins were not organized by product type and were filled with random items.

Aaron Mok/Insider

I didn’t have anything in particular I wanted to buy, so I haphazardly scanned the bins in search of items that stood out to me. Some of the things that caught my eye were a gratitude journal, the board game Operation, cockroach-killing bait, a vibrator, creepy Halloween costume masks, and some wigs.

clown mask and wigs at crazy hot deals

This bin contained a random assortment of items, including a clown mask and wigs.

Aaron Mok/Insider

Many of the packages were ripped, empty, or missing an item.

broken hairdryer box at crazy hot deals

A broken hair-dryer package I found in the bins.

Aaron Mok/Insider

Customers are not allowed to open sealed packages. If they want to know what’s inside, they must bring the items to the customer-service booth, where an employee will open them.

customer service station at crazy hot deals

One of two customer-service stations at Everyday Crazy Hot Deals.

Aaron Mok/Insider

While the majority of bins contained a random assortment of stuff, some items were organized by type with special deals, like this rack of clothing …

clothes rack at crazy hot deals

Customers can buy two items of clothing for $10 on Saturday and three items for $10 on Sunday.

Aaron Mok/Insider

There were also containers of makeup sold at $3 apiece …

make up at crazy hot deals

Makeup for $3 each.

Aaron Mok/Insider

There were even boxes of Halloween candy like Haribo gummy bears and Reese’s peanut-butter cups. The bags of candy I looked at were not expired, though the store has a sign warning customers to check the expiration date before purchasing any food.

bins of candy and mouth wash at crazy hot deals

Bins of Halloween candy and a bin with bottles of mouthwash.

Aaron Mok/Insider

Some of the “organized” bins were just as sloppy as the regular ones, like this plastic container filled with tangled-up cords, cables, and laptop chargers.

box full of random wires and cables at crazy hot deals

A box full of random wires and cables.

Aaron Mok/Insider

Exceptions to the set-price rule included items like furniture and big boxes of toys.

furnitue at crazy hot deals

Furniture sold at Everyday Crazy Hot Deals.

Aaron Mok/Insider

The most expensive items I saw were electronics, like a Google Nest Doorbell and a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, near the cash register. Each was priced at $150.

expensive electronics near cashier at crazy hot deals

Expensive electronics near the cashier were $150 each.

Aaron Mok/Insider

As I was browsing the store, an employee pulled out a fresh bin of stuff that all the shoppers picked through.

flock of ppl at new bin at crazy hot deals

Shoppers gathered around a bin filled with new items.

Aaron Mok/Insider

While some people may come just to buy cheap stuff, the store said it encourages shoppers to buy things that they can resell individually at a higher price. There were a few shoppers who looked like teenagers looking up the price of items on their phones and discussing whether they could resell them on TikTok.

action figurines at crazy hot deals

A collection of Marvel “WandaVision” action figures.

Aaron Mok/Insider

Source: Crazy Hot Deals

After spending nearly an hour and a half carefully looking through each bin, I wasn’t able to find anything I liked that I thought was worth $12 that day. So I decided to go back on a Wednesday when everything is a dollar.

a bin full of winter boots at crazy hot deals

A bin full of winter boots.

Aaron Mok/Insider

When I visited again the following Wednesday, the bins contained less stuff, and the things that remained were even more random than before. Many of the items were broken packages or loose parts that came from the original product.

random assortment of loose items at crazy hot deals (wed)

A random assortment of stuff in a bin on a Wednesday, when everything costs $1, unless stated otherwise.

Aaron Mok/Insider


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