March 5, 2024

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Hyundai Livart to unveil groundbreaking 3-year warranty

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[Courtesy of Hyundai Livart]

[Courtesy of Hyundai Livart]

Hyundai Livart Corp., a furniture manufacturer under South Korea’s Hyundai Department Store Group, is set to introduce a groundbreaking three-year warranty system. The move comes as Hyundai Livart aims to rapidly expand its presence in the business-to-consumer (B2C) interior market while offering the best quality and services.

The company announced a significant extension of its product warranty period from one year to three on Wednesday. Customers who purchase furniture products from the company’s official stores, agencies, and online platforms will now enjoy three years of free after-sales service (AS).

The interior industry in South Korea has to date adhered to a standard one-year warranty in line with the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards set by the Korea Consumer Agency.

Hyundai Livart’s expanded three-year warranty covers an extensive range of over 2,500 items, including all the furniture products within its B2C line-up, including sofas, beds, and chests of drawers as well as interior construction package products under the Livart Home Interior renovation label. The warranty period begins from the date of installation (or construction) of the purchased item. However, the warranty period for global high-end furniture brands such as Giorgetti and Valcucine, as well as certain third-party kitchen appliances, remains unchanged at one year.

“This warranty extension underscores our unwavering confidence in product quality and commitment to consumer satisfaction,” an official from the furniture company said.

This extension is also part of the strategic steps Hyundai Livart took to enhance its core capabilities in the production of high-quality goods. The company recently implemented a 3D Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution from Dassault Syst?mes SE, Europe’s leading IT solutions provider. This advanced system streamlines product planning, design, R&D, and production by integrating them into a unified dataset, resulting in improved product design and durability.

Additionally, Hyundai Livart founded and currently operates Asia’s first smart factory, Smart Work Center. This cutting-edge facility boasts over 400 automated precision production machines and six production lines controlled by automation systems, enabling a fivefold increase in production capacity while reducing product defects by over 90 percent compared to conventional factories.

Hyundai Livart has also pioneered the introduction of a laser edge bander from Germany’s Homag Group to its production lines. Although this technology is over three times costlier to operate than the conventional yet commonplace ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) glue method, it improves the heat and water resistance in the wood used for the furniture. It also effectively addresses the issues found in the conventional method, including exposed glue, discoloration, contamination, and reduced structural integrity.

By Yang Yeon-ho and Han Yubin

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