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German Rex Cat Compare Breed Overview Characteristics Origin Germany Height 10"-12" Adult weight 6-10 pounds Life Span 12-15 years Temperament Playful, friendly, loyal, family-friendly Other Names Rex Group Small short-haired Price $500-$1,000 Personality and Temperament

German Rex breed description, characteristics, appearance, history Hvostnyus BestHouseCatCare

The German Rex is a medium-sized, reasonably long-lived domestic kitty that comes from Germany. Because this breed is considered exceptionally rare, they are not one that many people know a lot about. These adorable kitties stand out for their wavy coats, big circular eyes, and large ears. This breed is known for being incredibly smart and loyal.

German Rex Cat Info, Temperament, Care, Pictures

The German Rex is a curious, playful, people-oriented breed. They want a lot of attention and return it with great affection. This inquisitive, intelligent cat adapts to most situations. Human companionship and interaction is a necessity for this breed. They get along well with other cats, dogs and children. German Rex cats are curious and like.

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The German Rex is another breed with a short sparse wavy coat which comes in all colours and patterns. Health and welfare of cats with rex or wire coats. Cats with a 'rex' or wire coat have hairs which are crimped, hooked or bent. This crimping usually also affects the whiskers. Often the hair is fragile and breaks easily, even with gentle.

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The German Rex is a medium-sized cat with a slender body and long legs. It has a round head with well-developed cheeks and a strong chin. Its ears are large and open, and its eyes are round and expressive. The eyes can be any color that matches the coat color. Coat The coat is the most distinctive feature of the German Rex.

German Rex Cat Info, Temperament, Care, Pictures

Breed Details Status: Rare Place of Origin: Germany Rough date of Origin: 1940s Hair length: Shorthair Activity Level: High Vocalness: Medium Child friendly: Good with children Intelligence: Playfullness: Playfull Grooming Requirements: Once a week

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The German Rex is a small to medium-sized cat, and because she stands so high on her legs she can appear to be a large cat. In this article ATTRIBUTES ABOUT PERSONALITY WHAT TO EXPECT HISTORY Attributes Size Weight small: <8 lbs. small: <8 lbs. Coat Length Short Color

German Rex Cat Info, Temperament, Care, Pictures

The German Rex is a unique looking cat with a medium sized body and slender, long legs. The cat is muscular and heavier than the Cornish Rex, and it also has a round face and large ears. The whiskers are quite distinct, with a slight curl, but the breed's silky, curly, short coat is what truly stands out.

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Until 1979, the Cat Fanciers' Association only recognized cats which resulted from a union between the Cornish and the German Rex cats. As they resembled each other, it was natural that one breed would overshadow the other. The Cornish Rex continued to capture public interest, while the German Rex participated in shows in its native land as.

GERMAN REX distinguished by its round head, large ears, watchful eyes, welldeveloped cheeks

Breed Name German Rex The German Rex cat breed is a fascinating and enigmatic feline that has captured the hearts of cat lovers around the world. With their unique curly fur, expressive eyes, and charming personalities, German Rex cats are a true delight to have as companions.

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The German Rex is an intelligent, friendly cat who loves to play. At a glance, the German Rex descends from a stray cat, and the traditional color is black. However, he has a velvety coat and was near extinction once. Let's find out more about the German Rex cat personality and breed. Table of Contents

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The German Rex is a breed of domestic cat . Description The German Rex is a medium-sized breed with slender legs of a medium length. The head is round with well-developed cheeks and large, open ears. The eyes are of medium size in colours related to the coat colour. The coat is silky and short with a tendency to curl.

German Rex Cat Info, Temperament, Care, Pictures

German Rex cats come in a wide range of colors and patterns, including solid colors, tabby patterns, and tortoiseshell variations. In addition to their unique coat, German Rex cats have a distinct head shape. They have a rounded skull with prominent cheekbones and large, expressive eyes. Their ears are medium-sized and set wide apart, giving.

German Rex Cat Info, Temperament, Care, Pictures

German Rex Image Credit: Dizfoto, Shutterstock As the name implies, the German Rex gets its roots from Germany, and it's the first Rex cat on our list that doesn't enjoy Cat Fancier.

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The German Rex is a medium-sized cat breed with an elegant and compact body structure. They typically weigh between 7 and 10 pounds, with males being slightly heavier than females. The breed has a well-muscled body and a sturdy bone structure, giving them a balanced and agile appearance.