Disney Dreamlight Valley preview: Part Stardew Valley, part Animal Crossing, with lots of Disney magic

Shortly after the opening to Disney Dreamlight Valley, I find myself standing inside Mickey Mouse’s house. I take a moment to appreciate all of the little details, such as a clothing stand in the corner that features the mouse’s outfit from Fantasia, couches styled after Mickey’s iconic look, and a wardrobe stuffed full of several pairs of his signature white gloves – all of the décor fits the character perfectly. Mickey joyfully wanders around the house as I do and, feeling like a big kid who’s just encountered him at a Disneyland theme park, I have to finally introduce myself. True to his character, the mouse expresses his joy at seeing me there in a suitably “Oh, Boy!” fashion, and I’m then presented with three responses to choose from. Naturally, I tell him I’m a big fan, and it’s in that moment that I realize I haven’t stopped smiling from the second I landed in this magical valley.  

Disney Dreamlight Valley very much feels like a cross between Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Villagers have their own houses, just like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and features such as crafting, cooking, growing crops, fishing, and more, remind me of ConcernedApe’s farming sim. The big difference, though, is that I’m playing as a Disney-fied version of myself who’s trying to get to the root of a strange mystery by helping and befriending characters like Goofy, Mickey, and Scrooge McDuck. While I only have the chance to try out some of the quests and activities that will be available during the early access launch on September 6, I can see myself falling under Disney Dreamlight Valley’s spell.

A dream is a wish your heart makes

Disney Dreamlight Valley

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