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It is impossible to ignore the multitude of cranes punctuating the boom of new construction in Halifax. These beautiful, new, multi-unit buildings fill up before the proverbial paint is dry. Combine the new construction with one of the hottest real estate markets in North America, and it’s clear that Halifax is a city demanding more of its furniture retailers.

Both an enduring brand and trusted choice for almost 50 years, Worldwide Furniture remains nimble in this exciting chapter of the Halifax story.

Along with the flagship store within Dartmouth’s Atrium Furnishing Centre, Worldwide Furniture has returned to Halifax with an all-new location. Recognizing the astonishing expansion underway in HRM, the heritage furniture company was compelled to be even more accessible with the addition of the new Washmill Lake Drive store.

This new location features an even bigger showroom and more product array because, with the influx of so many new living spaces, choice is essential. From those downsizing to young families, there has been a seismic shift in what pieces customers purchase and why customers choose certain brands.

James Ramia, one of the Atrium Managers said, “Older furniture tends to be larger scale. Now you are seeing pieces a little more refined and smaller scale, with more function today than before. There’s a shift towards multi-purpose pieces; lift top coffee tables that do double duty as a dining table or work space in the living room. More functionality in furniture became a trend during covid, with people really living in their homes and working from home too. Rooms are taking on multi uses, and so people are seeking lots of different options, like storage pieces, to make this happen”.

People want functional furniture, while appreciating the nuance and texture it brings to their living spaces.


Worldwide Furniture continues to maintain awareness of ever-changing preferences.

According to Ramia, “There is a trend toward smaller scale pieces, with a focus on contemporary and mid-century styles. So, you’re seeing a lot of caramel leather and lighter tones, which are a part of the mid-century trend. Dark wood is not as common anymore. People are going for light and airy, with very clean line”.

With its large assortment size, Worldwide is able to cater to both the traditional customer and the more trend focused customer.

For many, the desire for choice is matched by the imperative of shopping local, and Worldwide meets both.

Worldwide Furniture is a local, family-owned business. By design, they choose to offer Canadian made products which include all of the features customers most desire.

Ramia elaborates, “We are focused on great style and good quality, with Canadian-made product that can handle an active household. One of the trends right now is performance fabric that is stain and water resistant; a perfect complement to a busy home!” Ramia underlines the beauty of this modern, Canadian-made upholstery: “You’re adding strong styling and good quality. There’s no compromise to that. You wouldn’t even know it’s performance fabric.”

At a time when procuring timely supply can be challenging, the seasoned team have secured enough inventory to fill both locations and offer a dynamic showcase of product in the larger Halifax showroom. According to Ramia, “We have a ton of stock in our warehouse, and we have the ability to deliver within 7 days. We have been ahead of the supply chain and have been able to adapt to the changes and challenges of the supply chain.”

Inflationary costs are presenting very real challenges for many Canadians, and to ease the burden of this strain on consumers, Worldwide Furniture is equipped to help with financial options and products. As Ramia explains, “Financing is a big part of our business, and there’s lots of options. Our best offer at the moment is no payments and no interest for two years.”

From upgrading to downsizing, discover the gorgeous variety of furniture for every room at both Worldwide Furniture locations: in the Atrium, Highfield Park Drive, and the exciting new location on Washmill Lake Drive in Halifax.

Explore what Worldwide Furniture has to offer online here.


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