BoConcept celebrates 70 Years of timeless style

The company stuns with ongoing commitment to elegant and accessible pieces

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A well-designed piece of furniture should stand the test of time, says Steen Knigge, head of marketing at Danish luxury furniture company BoConcept.

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“It can’t just be design for design’s sake,” he says. “It also has to be functional.”

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It’s no small feat, but over the past 70 years, BoConcept has indeed managed to create a series of timeless collections that are both beautiful and purposeful, from sculptural coffee tables to hallway storage shelves that seem to float, and of course, modern sofas that aren’t just stunning — they feel good too.

To celebrate turning 70, BoConcept is giving away a newly-released Berne Sofa from their New Kollektion, valued at $3,099.

It’s all part of the heritage-focused anniversary campaign — Ekstraordinær Since 1952 — celebrating their past, present and future. First founded in 1952 by cabinetmakers Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm in the small town of Herning, Denmark, the brand has opened stores around the world, with a robust online retail space too.

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They’re giving away the new Berne Sofa because it speaks well to the craftsmanship and quality intrinsic to BoConcept, says Knigge, but it’s also a very accessible piece of furniture.

Described as “light, elegant and welcoming” with a low, floating expression, the Berne is a blend of contemporary and retro styles, featuring curving lines, and a minimalist, mid-century modern look.

It is also the latest offering from famed Danish designer, Henrik Pedersen.

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To celebrate turning 70, BoConcept is giving away a newly-released Berne Sofa from their New Kollektion, valued at $3,099. SUPPLIED

This type of design partnership is a key element of BoConcept, explains Knigge. Over the years, they’ve featured collections courtesy of well-known Danish designers like Pedersen, Morten Georgsen, Anders Nørgaard and ARDE, as well as global designers like Egyptian-born, Canadian-raised Karim Rashid, who won a Red Dot Award for his Ottawa dining set.

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Shoppers can learn about the thought process behind their favorite piece in the “meet our designers” section on, with designer biographies, outlooks and interviews, or they can browse through specific collections.

“As the creatives behind our collection, we trust them with our life. And with over a hundred fabrics and leathers, and numerous material, colour and customization options, you can trust our designs to enrich your home,” the website reads. “They’re all award-winning experts, as you would expect. But perhaps more important is our mutual interpretation of great design: elegant, well considered products that reflect our time and improve our lives.”

Despite the diversity of designer input, there remains an overall coherent feel to BoConcept, explains Knigge, rooted in the brand’s Scandinavian heritage and sensibilities. It is always a priority to create designs that serve more than one purpose, such as coffee table that can change into a dining table, or an ottoman that can transform into a spare bed.

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“You’re trying to maximize the output of a piece of furniture,” he says.

This focus on flexibility holds true for proportion, Knigge continues, as sofas can be scaled up or down since they are designed to be modular and adaptive in order to fit different spaces and needs. 

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The Berne Sofa is “light, elegant and welcoming” with a low, floating expression. SUPPLIED

With the two-and-a-half seater Berne Sofa, it fits nicely in smaller urban homes but is also handy seating for flex spaces like offices or dens.

Every sofa on offer at BoConcept is available in over 120 different fabrics and materials, and can be adapted, from arm rests and legs to back heights and cushions, all part of the brand’s devotion to keeping furnishings unique to individual tastes.

“You can basically customize any piece we have when you go into the sofas or living chairs,” says Knigge. “You have so many possibilities.” 

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While choosing the right mix can a bit daunting for some shoppers, the BoConcept design consultants are trained to do provide a helpful needs analysis to make sure people find exactly what they’re looking for both in-store and online.

To further support shoppers, BoConcept stores offer free in-store design consultations — also available online through virtual support — where they can create something special for each individual.

“Imagine the feeling of a home designed to fit your lifestyle and reflect your personality. The benefits are clear,” their website shares. “When you combine a pleasing colour scheme, free-flowing and functional space perfect mood lighting and clever storage, you get pleasurable home-experiences and a happier life.”

To enter to win the Berne Sofa from BoConcept’s New Kollektion, open until November 28, visit or browse for more information on the Ekstraordinær Since 1952 events.

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