B&M fans are whizzing to their nearest store with loose change as the prices on their furniture have been slashed so low

SHOPPERS are scrambling to get their hands on stunning B&M furniture after the retailer slashed its prices to just pennies.

B&M has long been a favourite for many – but if thought the popular retailer couldn’t get any better, keep on reading.

B&M has an amazing sale going on - and you don't want to miss it


B&M has an amazing sale going on – and you don’t want to miss itCredit: Getty
Some of their furniture has been slashed to just pennies


Some of their furniture has been slashed to just penniesCredit: Facebook – Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK
This stunning footstool retails for 50p and will make for an amazing addition to your living room


This stunning footstool retails for 50p and will make for an amazing addition to your living roomCredit: Facebook – Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK

According to bargain-loving home interior fans, the store has a massive sale going on, with stunning furniture selling for as little as 50p.

One of those who shared the news was Jane El, from London, who took to Facebook to inform others.

”Ottomans down to £1 and footstools down to 50p and storage box only £2,” the happy shopper exclaimed in her post.

Jane also made sure to upload screenshots of the bargain deals, which she then shared on the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group.

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One of these was a velvet footstool in black that was now retailing for a mere 50p.

If you’re after a storage ottoman to keep by your bed, best not sleep on this B&M sale – their suede ottoman can be bagged for a quid, saving you almost £20.

The same ottoman, she revealed, is also available in blush – although B&M did warn they cannot check the stock online.

According to Jane, the popular retailer has also slashed the price for the foldable fur seat in light blush – this can now be purchased for £2.

Since being uploaded to the forum, the post has amassed hundreds of likes and over 700 comments.

One member tagged their pal, saying: ”get ya running shoes on.”

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Someone else chuckled, writing: ” Don’t run walk.”

And it seems plenty of bargain hunters have taken the advice on board.

Shortly after this was posted, another savvy shopper thanked the group for spreading news of the sale – as it had bagged her a £2 bench.

The furniture fan revealed she was now the proud owner of a Rowlinson Weston bench that came to just £2, and she had the receipt to prove it.

However, there was also a lot of scepticism on the initial post, with quite a few claiming they’ve never seen bargains like this.

One critic reckoned: ”Clever of B&M to get everyone going Omg let’s go B&M tomorrow, when they sold out of these everywhere ages ago.

”They know you can’t go to that shop without spending a fortune so they do it to entice you in.”

Another agreed: ”Never find anything they claim is “super sale”.

”I’m sure it is a sale tool and to make people go to the shops and end up buying stuff you didn’t need!!!!”

But before you head to your B&M, find out how to ensure you bag the best bargains.

When should I shop?

Discounts and reductions can’t really be pinpointed to one day of the week, as B&M has confirmed in the past that different products will be marked down in price every day.

But some shoppers have speculated on Facebook forums and elsewhere as to when you should focus your efforts.

Tuesday is thought to be when staff reduce food, pet items and cleaning products.

But there will often be discounts on old stock and seasonal items on Thursdays and Saturdays.

B&M says it stocks its more than 650 shops with new items everyday too.

So if you’re looking for a bargain dupe or other low cost goodies, it doesn’t hurt to try your chances throughout the week.

The retailer told us it will often make a deal with a supplier and have the item in store the very next day.

So if there’s no set day of the week to shop – what about time of day?

Stock can be subject to availability so once staff start reducing items from 7.30am, whatever day of the week it may be, you’ll want to be first in line.

Slashed prices on B&M’s already low-cost stock means products will fly off the shelves, and typically when it’s reduced it means once it’s gone, it’s gone.

You can find out when your nearest store opens using B&M’s online shop finder tool.

How should I shop?

Loyal B&M shoppers swear by one shopping trick that means they can always find reduced items.

They claim to have saved hundreds of pounds by using the store’s barcode scanner.

It’s a free app you download onto your phone that lets you see if an item’s price is cheaper than advertised on the shop shelf.

And it means shoppers can find “hidden” bargains around the store.

On a Facebook forum dedicated to the app, B&M scanner and Other Bargains, users have shared everything from 10p one-off finds to £100 hauls slashed to half price.

But what you can scan will differ from day to day, and takes a little luck.

One said: “It’s patience and depends on stock so all you can do is wait.”

Another said: “Anything that’s reduced, I scan – and often it’s reduced even more.”

Of course, you have to remember that it’s only a bargain if you were planning on buying it anyway.

The app can be useful to check the item you’ve already picked up is cheaper, but you don’t go over budget buying items simply because they’re reduced reduced.

What else should I know?

Sadly you can’t shop online at B&M, but its online catalogue is a good way to scope out bargains ahead of time too.

You can also sign up to B&M’s newsletter, which will tell you about its latest offers before you head to the shop.

You can also use online deal finder tools from the likes of Hotukdeals or Latestdeals, by searching “B&M” in their search bars and scrolling through all the listing that filter through.

Plus, have a shop around.

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B&M is known for its low prices, but you might find an even better deal at similar discount rivals like Home Bargains or Aldi.


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