March 5, 2024

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Best garden furniture store 2024: Where to shop for stylish garden furniture

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On the hunt for some of the best garden furniture store options? It’s a worthy pursuit — just because your garden is outside, doesn’t mean it’s any less important than the interior of your home for setting the right tone, and for impressing your guests. Home decor is as much about the exterior as it is the interior, especially if you plan on doing any entertaining outdoors, whether it be for al fresco dining or just lounging with friends on a (weather-resistant) corner sofa. But just as your furniture sets the stage for that inside, showing off your personality and giving you the chance to express yourself a little, while also creating the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed and calm, your garden furniture is vital to doing that outside.

Summer in the UK may feel a long way off, but now is still a great time to buy high-quality weatherproof garden furniture like rattan effect two seater sofas, heaters, and more, as most things are on sale or at least in stock. Take advantage of some of the end-of-season furniture sales and discounts on some of the best garden pieces of the year, and make sure you snap up a quality BBQ now ahead of the summer rush.

Optimistic as we may be about the prospect of good weather in the coming months, investing in the right garden furniture will set you up for springs and summers to come. You really want to take the time to find durable, good quality pieces, as well as stylish ones, and many of our favourite garden furniture stores are perfect for that kind of long-term shopping. With options for various price points and every kind of outdoor aesthetic (whether you’re going for a more rustic look or something sleeker and more modern), we’ve compiled a list of all of our favourite garden furniture stores below, with a bit of information on what you should be looking for first.

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What are the best garden furniture stores to shop at in 2024?

The first step in finding the right garden furniture retailer for you is to figure out what you want your aesthetic to be. If you don’t want your garden set-up to look like a mismatched patio of garage sale finds, you need to really think about finding a cohesive style that’ll tie your furniture together and give your outdoor living space the feel you want. Whether that’s by opting for more classic rattan pieces, or keeping things sleek and contemporary, just as with indoor furniture, think about how your pieces will work with your garden space as a whole, and then start looking for garden furniture stores that tap into that.

Best garden furniture store for seating: Oka

Fusing rustic aesthetic with contemporary chic, Oka’s garden furniture collection is a great one to explore for most bits and pieces you’re after, but it’s particularly great for seating, lounge sets and garden dining sets. With plenty of nice rattans as well as woven chairs and coffee tables, it’s all about relaxed pieces that look elegant at the same time.

Best contemporary garden furniture store: Heal’s

One of the most popular garden furniture stores among GQ readers, Heal’s brings a contemporary edge to its outdoor lines, using plenty of metal looks that occasionally weave in some wooden features for a mostly industrial vibe. There’s also a good range of garden lighting and accessories, including rugs and mirrors to help you accent your space.

Best garden furniture store for dining sets: John Lewis

It’s a classic, and for good reason. Coming through once again with a collection of garden furniture primed and ready for the new season, John Lewis & Partners should be your go-to for dining sets, featuring a range of different design styles and trends. From colourful pieces in bolder yellows and greens to rattans, it’s got you covered.

Best garden furniture store for hammocks and swings: Homary

Homary is an international home furnishings platform that practically has it all — including a plethora of pieces suitable for jazzing up any outdoor space. While it has everything from outdoor seating to tables, we’re particularly keen on its selection of hammocks and swinging seats, which add a sense of fun and relaxation to any garden.


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