At Mio’s Furniture Fashions, exceptional customer experiences are delivered – and received

A personalized and exclusive shopping experience helps make each room in your home come alive

Lasting relationships are built on equal measures of give and receive. Mio’s Furniture Fashions created a successful business from this philosophy and, after 36 years, values their customer partnerships more than ever.

“The relationships we fostered have continued for generations,” says Mio’s store manager Audrey Overman. “We love to hear people recall memories of coming in this building. Some remember what is was like when it was a grocery store, way back before the Alton family transitioned it into a furniture and drapery centre in the 60’s. We still have the original cash register in use.” Sergio Mio bought the business in 1986, and expanded the building to showcase recliners, bedroom sets and mattresses.

Unique Furnishings & Exceptional Service

Shopping at Mio’s is a bit of a ‘treasure hunt’, says Overman. “We have suppliers that will only work with us in the area, so we can be exclusive. Our associates and owner will often bring in a piece with a particular customer in mind, and contact customers when new pieces arrive.” The Trunk Road showroom and warehouse offer a collection of unique home furnishings, lighting and window coverings by selected partners, including many Canadian brands and manufacturers.

Customers appreciate the selection and quality, but also love to take home a bit of the “Mio’s Vibe”. “I’ve had people tell me that they love coming in here for the energy and the atmosphere, then take some of that experience home and incorporate it into their lives,” explains Overman. “It’s such a lovely space to walk through, and just let your imagination place the different pieces in areas of your home, cottage, workplace… it can even inspire one to want to build a new space around something like a light fixture, item of furniture or an art piece.”

A big part of that unique energy comes from the people who make up the Mio’s Family.

“I feel the staff is the biggest part of awesome atmosphere. Our sales associates are top notch; Stefania, Katie & Samm have so much knowledge and experience, their rapport with people is incredible & they do their best to find just what a customer is looking for. Our warehouse manager Anthony is our miracle worker in parts and service, and I receive many glowing reports about how Dennis, Chris and Guy have delivered and set up items for customers all across Algoma.”

At the heart of it all, says Overman, are Nellie and Jav. “Nellie’s ability to keep the office wheels turning is amazing. Our owner Jav has been with the company for 29 years and strives to go above and beyond to bring the best furniture, best prices and best experience to the Sault.”

For Audrey Overman and the Mio’s staff, their upcoming Customer Appreciation Event is an opportunity to welcome newcomers to the area and continue long-standing relationships with guests who have been visiting Mio’s for decades.

From April 21 to 23, shoppers can save up to 50 percent off their unique collection of home furnishings and accessories.

Mio’s “Buy and Save” plan offers discounts that increase based on purchase price – from ten percent off purchases up to $1,000, to 25 percent off purchases over $5,000. Or, customers can finance their purchase with 20% savings. Additional in-store items will be discounted up to 50% off. The sale is a great opportunity for new customers to discover the Mio’s Vibe for themselves. “That first step through our door, meeting the staff, walking through our showroom, purchasing, delivery and service, everything. We want everyone to know we do our best to ensure enjoyment and peace of mind from a premier furniture store.”

Mio’s Furniture Fashions is located at 261 Trunk Road in Sault Ste. Marie.  Reach them by phone at 705-759-8183 or visit them online.


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