Appliance/furniture store coming to Kincardine this fall

A new store, set to open in the fall of this year, is giving residents one more good reason to shop local.

Sadie (Shewfelt) Al, co-owner of Sleepers Bed Gallery and Dan McFadden, owner of B & W Appliances, are pooling their business acumen and vision to open Lake Huron Home, a store that will offer furniture for all rooms in the home, appliances and décor items.

The store will be located in what is now The Bargain Shop. The building is under construction and once one side is complete, The Bargain Shop will move into the right side of the building and Lake Huron Home will be located on the left.

The space will be about 9,500 square feet, including offices and storage and of which 8,400 square feet will be occupied by a showroom.

The plan will see McFadden move his entire appliance business into the new location, and close his Queen Street location. McFadden purchased the store from Ken Battler, about two years ago. Battler had operated the business for more than three decades.

More space in the new store will allow him to offer inventory he currently doesn’t have the room for, including the well-known brand Kitchen Aid. It will also accommodate display areas where he can create “mini-kitchen” displays.

“B & W is kind of your old fashioned downtown store, there is only so much room I have for display,” said McFadden. “We’ll be able to do some kitchenettes and space things out.”

Al said needing more space was a factor in deciding to open the store. They will carry dining room tables, sofas, bedroom suites, small furniture and a new brand of mattresses not offered at Sleepers Bed Gallery.

She said people currently visit both their stores, looking for a couch, a table or other items that neither Al or McFadden have the space to carry. “Right now I point them to the next small business in the next small town, but there is nothing here, so this will alleviate that and I can point them right up here. I timed it – it’s a one-and-a-half minute drive from town – not far.”

Throughout the pandemic, Al and McFadden had continued to kick the tires on the idea of opening a furniture/appliance store – always thinking it would come together in about ten years. And then McFadden found the space. He contacted Al and the two entrepreneurs decided the time was now.

“We had been keeping in contact through all of that,” said Al. “Dan had been coming in and throwing around ideas … because I had said to him when he (originally) bought B & W that I would almost like first-right of refusal in 10 years when he is ready sell, because I had always wanted to do more too and have more. It’s hard finding a space. So when he did find the space and came to me it was like – oh – ten years earlier, but we got this.”

“So here we are, taking a big leap of faith,” said Al. “but I think it will be really worth it and really needed in town.”

“It’s needed,” McFadden said in agreement.

The official opening date will be announced once the renovation and improvements are complete, but Al and McFadden are hoping to welcome the public this fall.


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