52 Best furniture stores UK 2022: Soho Home to Ikea

When’s the best time of year to buy furniture?

Furniture shopping isn’t always friendly to your bank balance, naturally, because most pieces you’ll be looking for are major investments. The trick? Knowing when the best furniture sales are. Normally, the biggest sale periods for most items tend to fall around the Black Friday, Boxing Day and January sales periods, making that a great time to look out for mattress deals, or to get a good discount on something larger like a dining table. Plenty of brands also regularly have clearance sales towards the end of each season, meaning you can look to invest in garden furniture towards the end of the summer, and might find a better deal on cosier, more homely items as we head into spring.

Where is the best place to buy good furniture?

If you’re not quite sure exactly what style of furniture you’re after, or just want to browse somewhere with plenty of choices, John Lewis & Partners and Soho Home both have extensive furniture collections with pieces that tap into different aesthetics and suit different budgets. It’s also worth taking a look at different furniture stores for different rooms; we’d recommend Brook + Wilde or Simba for bedroom furniture, Bombinate for the living room, and Cox & Cox for garden pieces. To make sure you know all the best places to shop, we’ve included a range of stores below that cover just about every style, type, and price point of furniture on the market.

Which brand is best for sofas?

Sofas, and maybe dining tables, are some of the more important furniture investments you’ll be making for your home. Not only do they take up the most space, therefore playing a crucial role in determining the interior design aesthetic of your home, but they also are naturally the ones that drain your bank account the most. For this reason, you need to make sure you’re making a careful and informed decision when you place your sofa order. Chances are you’ll be stuck with it for many years to come, and we’d say that means making the right choice is pretty damn important.

Many of our favourite furniture brands also produce some of the finest sofas on the market, so to help you find the perfect model we’ve created standalone guides to the best sofas, best sofa beds, and the best corner sofas that you can peruse at your leisure. For a quickfire recommendation, however, opt for John Lewis for a durable and customisable sofa, and Soho Home for a premium, luxury-feel piece.

What should you consider when shopping for furniture?

When you’re looking for good furniture stores, there are a few important things to take into account. Furniture should be an investment, so shopping for high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time, rather than just ones that will tap into a year-long trend, is going to mean you get the best value for your money and won’t need to redecorate every time the trends change. You’ll also want to think about the style of your home and whether it suits more contemporary or traditional designs, as well as whether you’re looking for neutral minimalist pieces or more colourful, bold statements. It’s also worth considering how sustainably the furniture has been produced and sourced, something you can normally find out quite easily on most websites.


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